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  • HKA | Hot To Cold

    HOT TO COLD Every year, there is a travel of Hot and Cold seasons. At this cyclic journey, they can see nature change its landscape skin. Winter, spring, summer and fall are the most beautiful pictures of Nature, each step of this annual cycle is always unique. Hot to Cold structure allows travelling this annual cycle in a day. ​ The Coloured Acrylic Tubes transform by refraction and reflection process the natural daylight of the sun into gradient colours flow (from war to cold). At each unique position of the sun, the visitor depending on its own position can see different colours gradients on the snowy landscape. The white texture of the snow is the catalyst in this process. ​ On the Lifeguard stand, people can see at the same time this transformation inside and outside the box. At every moment, the structure can be easily mounted or dismounted. At the end it can be sold because this experience remains unique forever. PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Raw Design Hermann Kamte N/A Toronto, Canada 2016 Research N/A PRESS & PUBLICATIONS

  • HKA | Chalk's Games

    CHALK'S GAMES Chalk's games is a space defining various games / activities available for children on a sidewalk, driveway, ​ Chalk's games is a space for temporary games that can be re-adapted to the conditions and liking of the children. This play area is only possible during hot periods of the year, in the absence of rain. This space is favorable in summer, late spring and early autumn. We imagine here several interactive games for children that boost their communication and creation. This style of interactive games is growing with families, parents and children, because it is not only a way to have fun but also remains a method of learning, culture and also has a sports connotation. ​ What's funnier than revise having fun? We put on stage a space at once: education, recreation, culture, community and sports. We accumulate all its functions in a privileged space, historical, and heritage community and within a single project: Chalk's games. To create this space, we use here, chalk as the predominant material hence its name: Chalk's games. The chalk was used as sticks to write on blackboards of the classrooms in the schools. Chalk for teaching is made of plaster added pigments for colored chalk. ​ Thus, it is a material not only essential for children during the academic course, but even more in the playground. Used chalk to produce a playground proves initially beneficial in several ways. Large sidewalk chalks are appreciated by children because they allow to create great playgrounds such as the famous hopscotch. The large sidewalk chalk is ideal for children's hands, non-toxic and washable. ​ PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Child Friendly Public Space Hermann Kamte N/A , Ukraine 2015 Ivano-Frankivsk Proposal N/A PRESS & PUBLICATIONS Child Friendly Public Space ​

  • HKA | Tiny Housing Estate

    TINY HOUSING ESTATE Everyone needs to be housed and everyone deserves a good home. We need housing that takes into account the basic needs; sleeping, eating and showering and it is the same for unsheltered people. Everybody, each young people need to build his future, so they can’t do it in this condition: “forced out of their safe environment for the day” and every day. ​ Tiny Housing Estate is a small group of tiny homes built together as a single development. Each tiny loft packs everything people need into 30 square meter of living space. The project is planned to be less expensive and affordable while optimized life condition. Tiny Loft provides secured area, now young adult can build his future into serenity. Because he has his own private space into a planned development, young adults can safely store personal belongings and legal documents. Tiny Housing Estate is composed by tiny loft and communal space. Massing organization is defined by 10 housing modules along the sides, communal space in front and small garden. We also include, recycling receptacles, 10 Secured bikes storage and a hardscape area that can accommodate parking for 3 cars. ​ Each housing module includes bathroom, Kitchen, a bedroom, a storage space, secure door and window and a small terrace. The permanent communal space is composed by Meetings area (social gatherings), laundry, one office space for staff and Trash. ​ We used wood as design solution for construction. This project is design to be lightweight architecture and wood is less expensive, flexible and malleable as material. We want to talk the public about the possibilities of wood applications in the construction field. Easily constructible, each tiny loft is developed to minimize material waste while maximizing its architectural presence in the space for public. Wood is Nature fingerprints and by using it we want to connect our tiny space with his surroundings and reduce the materials costs of the project. ​ PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Alphawood Foundation Hermann Kamte N/A Chicago, USA 2016 Proposal N/A PRESS & PUBLICATIONS

  • HKA | Museum Of Capitalism

    MUSEUM OF CAPITALISM In this design, We propose to highly conceptual and speculative aspect of capitalism The museum is the book of poetry in two ways; one as the written part of book (the proposal) which represents the concept and philosophy of capitalism: something we can’t see with our eyes. The second way is visual part (physical book), this explains clearly what I mean, when I talk about “EXPERIMENTAL: Preview Museum Of Capitalism”. ​ The structure is an idea, a way to see the futuristic museum. The whole design is the big idea, there is not final location site and architectural program, but there is a big idea “how will you design the future museum of capitalism? How do you visualize it, in your mind, in a real space ​ “Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned…” — Ayn Rand ​ ​ ​ ​ PROJECT INFO Type: Client: Team: Size: Location: Year: Status: Awards: Competition Museum Of Capitalism Hermann Kamte N/A New York, USA 2016 Proposal N/A PRESS & PUBLICATIONS